What Clients Say

Erin Blocher | Congruent Communication | Kansas City

I began working with Erin just as our non-profit was in the midst of restructuring. With her guidance, she brought new life to a presentation we utilize to introduce our organization by helping us clarify and communicate our mission. Erin’s passion for her client’s vision is apparent in her preparedness and thoughtful and patient exploration. She not only asks the right questions but she presents them in a way that leads you to all the right answers!

Angela Gunn, formerly Executive Director, Eco Abet

One of the things that distinguish Erin is the depth of insight she has into what it takes to communicate an idea effectively. Erin’s guidance helped me refine my communication strategy for a key presentation in a new business venture competition and ultimately played a significant role in me winning the 1st place prize in the competition. Her coaching helped me to understand that great ideas that are poorly communicated are simply received as poor ideas. I highly recommend Erin as a top resource for any communication need.

Eric Phillips, Founder & CEO, MidEast Student Link

Erin Blocher is the model of an excellent coach. I didn’t know what to expect from an executive coaching session, having never participated in one before, but now I have a touchstone. From the first moment of our first session, Erin exhibited the rare ability to fully listen without judgment, without notions of what I needed or where I should be headed. She was completely focused on what I was saying and, surprisingly, not saying. She was able to gently dig down and ask questions that allowed me to wake up to goals and dreams that I’d forgotten about. Erin helped me, in just a few sessions, begin to dream again and to consider all of my possibilities.

Executive Leader, Non-Profit Organization

As a manager, Erin’s presentation on Intergenerational Communication provided incredible insight and helped me better understand how to communicate across the generations represented on my teams. She provided fascinating research and actionable tips that I could use immediately.

Mallory Murray, Internal Communications Manager, Cerner

Erin Blocher Congruent Communication