Presenter Coaching

Effective presentation delivery can wow potential clients, engage rooms full of conference attendees, or just make a meeting less boring. Whether public speaking strikes fear, or you are a slide-deck master looking to hone your skills, I can help you take your presentation to the next level.

What to expect:

During a two- to three-hour session, I work with individuals or teams of presenters to polish a presentation from start to finish. First, we work to craft an effective message, including clarifying main themes, organizing content, and structuring the speech to best fit your situation. Then we plan effective visuals and slides that will make an impact. Finally, we polish delivery: from practicing timing, to removing distracting vocalized pauses, to getting the right gestures.

This service can be used in one sitting, or broken up between several sessions to work on drafts or iterations over time. It is ideal for professional presentations, conferences, sales or funding pitches, or finding just the rights words for your elevator speech about your new product or business.

Why choose Congruent Communication:

With more than a decade of presenting, I know what makes an effective story that audiences will latch on to. I have taught public speaking and understand the genre and construction of a good speech. I will offer you the opportunity to “zoom out” to outline larger themes throughout your presentation and will ask meaningful questions to add extra clarity to your main point.

Examples of presenters I have worked with:

  • A doctor at Children’s Mercy Hospital giving a “Grand Rounds Symposium”
  • Physicians Leadership Program teams giving final comprehensive project presentations
  • The Executive Director of an architecture non-profit developing a funding pitch for donors
  • UMKC Bloch EScholars Program “Venture Creation Challenge” student and adult entrepreneurs developing and polishing two-minute sales pitches for a competition  

This service is good for:

  • Any presenter who wants to crystalize their message and connect with their audience
  • Entrepreneurs looking for tips on their pitches, products, or “elevator speech”
  • Non-profit organizations that need to wow potential donors with a funding pitch
  • Sales teams who need to lock in a new client
  • Individuals asked to deliver a wedding toast, eulogy, or opening remarks at an event
  • Academics or students giving a conference presentation
  • Local TEDx program or national TED program speakers
  • Authors speaking at a book talk
  • Keynote speakers
Erin Blocher Congruent Communication