Job Search Support


A career change can be liberating — but building your resume, analyzing your experience, and preparing for interviews can look like a big task at first. I can help you present your best self to potential employers by honing in on your top skills and crafting them into a professional package.

What to expect:

Over a series of three to four meetings, we will work to assess your top skills and present you in a way that is meaningful to the potential employer. You will come away with a documents package to be proud of — including an effective resume, targeted cover letters, and outlined answers to common interview questions to fit your narrative. I can help you respond to job market trends and decide what to highlight to shape an employer’s view of you.

Why choose Congruent Communication:

With 10 years of experience training students how to create these documents and package themselves, I understand job trends and recruiters’ processes. I work closely with career services professionals in my job, and know how to focus on what matters about someone’s story or background. I can increase your confidence as you face your job search and be your ally in the process.

This service is good for:

  • Someone looking for a career change or to get out of a job where they feel stuck
  • Someone who has been laid off or fired, or needs to get back into the job market after a setback
  • Recent retirees who are looking for a post-retirement job
  • Senior level or experienced professionals who are searching outside of their company for the first time
  • Graduates trying to get their foot in the door
  • Executives, directors, deans or C-suite level employees who want to have the best materials before approaching an agency or head-hunter
  • Someone trying to break into the next level within a large, vertically diverse corporation
  • Leaders of business schools, MBA or Executive MBA programs who want to prep new graduates or give their graduates a leg up on placements
Erin Blocher Congruent Communication